Monday, January 10, 2011

back again on the map

Soooooo.....I am back again on the map telling everyone of my lovely times of life. It has been a minute.  Things have happened that have clogged my mind and made it difficult for me to find time for myself.  I got married. Kitty got a nanny. Kitty lost a nanny. Love got a car. It snowed twice this winter when it never snows here. I don't know. Things are going quite crazy and mixed up. It is actually snowing here and I have to go to work. Frozen streets and all. I am praying that people drive safely since most of the city is closed anyway.  Hopefully I will be able to drive the truck so I sit high over the ice and snow :) These are times when I wish I was working from home, but then no benefits so I guess it works out better this way.  Yeah!!! Snow Day!!!! 

ps I deleted my Facebook page. It was getting on my last nerve.

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